The Hive Mind: A Xenomorphing Podcast

Episode 4 - Alien: Resurrection

July 15, 2020

The Hive Minders are back to chat about the much-maligned fourth (and likely final) entry in the Ellen Ripley saga: Alien: Resurrection.  Each of the crew chats a bit about some of the elements we enjoyed in the film, ranging from the characters, individual sequences, etc.  Much of the discussion, however, is aimed at where we think this fourth film went wrong, and whether or not it was even a necessary addition to the franchise.  We also close out the episode talking about the recent news of Marvel Comics acquiring the rights to the Alien and Predator franchises and what that could mean for the direction and future of those series' within the comic medium.  We hope you enjoy this discussion!  What do you think of Alien: Resurrection?  Whether you loved it, hated it, or anywhere in between, please let us know!  We welcome and appreciate all opinions.  Thank you so much for listening!  Stay frosty! 

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